The inspiration for my paintings involves large perspective, clear reflections and extraordinary light.  Growing up in and on the ocean shaped my childhood and gave me an appreciation for the meditative and deepening qualities that come with great expanses of water. The atmospheric skies, consistently changing waves, ephemeral mists and deep reflections are often an element in my work.  The late day and early morning sun gives a special quality of light that seems to hold a comforting warmth and a promise that lifts the spirit and touches the soul.  We live in troubled times and it feels important to acknowledge and hold on to what is beautiful and real in our world;  both for inspiration and as a way of grounding ourselves and helping to find lasting solutions to the problems we see all around us.

My work, as an artist and as a psychotherapist and coach, brings me deep into the awareness of the challenges of life and how we each learn to look at and see the world through our own unique and individual lens.  We see reflections of other times, places and people, which inform our actions and reactions and can change the course of our lives.   We have moments of clarity and inspiration, and moments where the path seems uncertain and uncomfortable, yet unfolding and ever-present.   Light, air, earth and water are always around us and can lift us and show us such beauty in the present moment.  So simple. 

"The Arts We Practice Are Our Apprenticeship. The Big Art Is Our Life.

M.C. Richards